Our Mriya Aid Name

What’s in a name, is it Myria, Maria, Mariya, or Mriya?

Mriya Aid stands for delivering the dream of dignity.

Mriya is the name of the Antonov AN-225, the largest plane in the World. The famous plane was destroyed in the first week of the russian invasion of Ukraine, when the rf army attacked the Hostomel airfield. A one of a kind gentle giant of the skies that brought relief and humanitarian aid to so many around the world.

The word “mriya” means hopeful dream, as in “I have a dream of building a better society”. That is indeed what Ukraine’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba meant when he said that:

“Russia may have destroyed our «Mriya». But they will never be able to destroy our dream of a strong, free and democratic European state.”

Although “dream” is the most common translation of “mriya”, mriya is a conscious aspiration created during a state of wakefulness. Not something that happens during sleep. “Сон” is the word in Ukrainian for sleeping dreams. Mriya as “aspiration” describes a strong desire to achieve greatness. It comes to life from being imagined, defined, and then willed into reality.

Mriya Spelling

The easiest way to remember, is to imagine an MRI machine, followed by the happy and celebratory affirmation of YA after a clean scan result. So MRI + YA gives us MRIYA!

Pronouncing Mriya

Let’s use a simpler word to get familiar with the word “Mriya”:




By destroying the only plane in existence that could move the largest loads of humanitarian aid across the planet to those in need, Russia thought it could destroy the dream, the mriya, the spirit of Ukrainians, of democracy and of fundamental human rights and values.

Together with you, the Mriya Aid team has taken over a part of the work of the An-225 Mriya cargo plane: delivering aid and supporting values that uphold human rights, dignity and life.

By helping the defenders of Ukraine, by sending aid and supporting Mriya Aid, together we keep alive the mriya, the dream, the vision, and everything it stands for.

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