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Help Clear Mines

Help bring Ukrainian Deminers to train at an IMAS Training Centre.
Every 3 out of 10 steps in Ukraine could lead to a land mine or explosive. 15M Ukrainians are at risk of being injured or killed.
Donate to send Ukrainian deminers to globally-recognized L1 to L3+ IMAS courses. Proper training ensures safety and preservation of life of our deminers and of communities, farmers, families and children to return to their homes, farms and villages.

Meet Mriya Aid

Mriya Aid is a 100% volunteer-run registered Not-for-profit aid organization that provides non-lethal aid to units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and to frontline hospitals and NGOs.

We've already provided over $5M of aid to Ukraine, including life-saving EOD equipment, Mriya Aid developed partnerships in its focus on providing TRAINING FOR SAFE DEMINING & ORDNANCE DISPOSAL.

Our initial project successfully sent 30+ Ukrainian safety professionals to an internationally recognized IMAS Explosive Ordnance Disposal course.

Your donation today will help Ukrainian safety & security experts to become certified deminers.

Your donation can save countless lives and prevent injuries. Donate today.

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Latest Explosive Ordnance Disposal Facts

Ground reality and lives affected


Littered Ordnance Has Become the Norm.

Cities, farmlands, and seaways are littered with dangerous remnants of war: anti-personnel and anti-vehicle mines, cluster munitions, and other unexploded or abandoned ammunition.


Millions of Mines remain to be found.

By early 2023, over 305,000 mines and explosive devices have been located, recorded, and removed, but millions more remain.


Train to Demine. Clear threats to Safety.

Beyond the threat to civilian safety and security, uncleared explosive litter disrupts food production, transportation, and access to humanitarian aid.

Demining at Mriya Aid

In-depth look at our work.

Ukrainians Get Globally Recognized Demining Certification.

Mriya Aid is proud to partner to support demining. Since February 2022, approximately 100 Ukrainian women and men have completed the globally recognized IMAS certification at a Mine Action Training Centre.

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Women Taking the Lead as Demining Heroes of Ukraine

Vice News’ report on Ukrainian women in demining tells the story of Ukrainian women who were finally allowed to become deminers and who excelled in what today is one of the most important jobs in Ukraine, in large part due to training at a Mine Action Trainig Centre.

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Ukrainian Interpretеrs and Translators Make Learning Possible and Demining Happen

Interpretеrs’ role in the IMAS course prep and delivery includes reviewing technical teminology and translating course materials into Ukrainian enables hundreds of Ukrainians to train to save lives, limbs, and land.

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Give to Clear Mines

Each mine removal costs between $300 to $1000. Every cent of your donation will fund Ordinance Disposal projects.