Our Commitment

Mriya Aid is strictly a not-for-profit organization. Our team ethos is to cover all operating costs out of pocket. We have no employees, no payroll, and no Admin Fees. We have made substantial personal donations to the overall cause, valued at well over $100K. Our commitment is to be transparent and responsible with our donors' support and their personal funds.

Our Impact & Results

In our first 6 months, we've raised nearly $795,000 USD. We've spent over 60% of that amount on Reconnaissance kit, including Drones, Thermal cameras, Night Vision Goggles, and Combat Tactical Medicine. Post our audit period we’ve committed nearly all of our outstanding cash balance ($207,964 USD) to support EOD and demining training, additional drones, another batch of 1000 CAT tourniquets, and Non-commissioned officer (NCO) training for Armed Forces of Ukraine.


For the Six Month Period Ended August 31, 2022:

Audit at a Glance

Mriya Aid

Mriya Aid

Support Mriya Aid Org Financial Audit Transparency

We are proud to devote every dollar of donations to purchasing and shipping aid to the frontlines. To help keep our promise and help our volunteers who are continually providing their own funds, we humbly ask that you consider helping us cover the cost of this audit.